White Spot

Featured Work

Since opening their first restaurant in 1928, White Spot has become a household name in BC and their delicious menu has been enjoyed by multiple generations of families. Their brand’s success is due to a number of factors, one of which is the pride they take in their quality and locally sourced ingredients.

To highlight this marketing pillar, our team was tasked with producing a short documentary feature that showcased the story behind their addictive french fries: the kennebec potato. Over multiple production days, we interviewed a fourth generation farmer and White Spot’s executive chef to speak about the company’s commitment to local farmers and the unique quality of the kennebec potato that makes it so perfect for french fries.

Our team also captured stunning footage of the Fraser Valley and Delta farms that grow the kennebec potato to create an all-encompassing storyline. From farm to french-fry, White Spot’s inspiring dedication to local farms is something that you can feel good about the next time you order one of their mouthwatering burgers.Cactus Club Cafe, a highly successful nationwide restaurant group, brings premium casual fine dining to all of Canada. Their brand is synonymous with quality: quality food, quality service, quality experiences, and quality locations. In our partnership, we upheld this dedication to quality through the media we produced.