Featured Work

Vype is a leader in the Canadian vaporizer industry, offering its customers a product that rivals all others in terms of usability and appearance. Shapehaus has fostered a long-standing relationship with the international brand through our partnership with British American Tobacco. 

During the Canadian launch of the ePen3, the company’s newest addition to their portfolio, Vype enlisted our team. We produced, directed, and captured a collection of photographs for an upcoming campaign. 

The pen’s minimalist design and the numerous flavour offerings inspired a series of product-focused images. Our team showcased the pen in a variety of settings intended to resonate with Vype’s audience. To complete the collection, our team also photographed the ePen3 in a lifestyle environment; two models highlighted the product in use. 

We love to get creative with our clients for product and campaign launches, ensuring that all media across their digital platforms is not only visually stunning but also aligns with their marketing and communication objectives.